Bulk Mulch & Soils

  • Hardwood Mulch
  • Topsoil
  • Compost
  • Hardwood Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Red Mulch
  • Black Mulch
  • Bagged Mulch

In bulk or in bags, we have mulches, soils, and amendments for every application. Always available for pick-up, or we can bring it to you. Bulk mulches and soils are sold by the cubic yard in 1/2 yd. increments. Contact us for delivery and installation rates and times.


Bulk Mulches and Soils

Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Mulch

Our best seller. An all natural mulch. Medium-to-dark brown color and triple shredded. Easy to use and looks great in every application.


Cedar Mulch


A premium natural mulch. Pure, aromatic cedar wood with a blonde-brown color. Light and pleasant to use. Brightens up shady beds and looks great with dark contrasts.


Black Mulch


A deep, dark, black dyed mulch. Looking like composted, rich soil, some prefer the look. It doesn't get any darker! A stark contrast to light colored houses. And, of course, it's good for your plants.




Straight screened topsoil. What you'll want to create new beds, raise the soil level, or add new soil to excavated areas. Consider adding amendments like compost to build soil structure.


Red Mulch


Another dyed mulch, this time in red. Great for applications that require a punch of something different. Adds a big pop of color to the landscape and, of course, is good for your plants.




Dark black composted leaves and stems. The best, most natural plant food. Great for adding nutrients and microbes to your existing beds or tilling into soil for planting or vegetable gardens.


Mulch and Soil Delivery

Mulch 12 yd. max load (per delivery charge)
Topsoil 4 yd. max load
Compost 6 yd. max load
In most cases our trucks can not drive off of pavement
Please specify where on your driveway you would like the product dumped and be familiar with the size.
We can not dump on public property or any other property not your own.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery cost varies by location. Call to confirm prices and availability. Installation is typically $35 per yd. for mulch and $55 per yd. for soils. Contact us for a free estimate!



Bagged Mulch

Bagged Mulches, Soils, and Amendments Available.

If you have a smaller project or need a more specific amendment, stop in to see our large selection of amendment products or give us a call if you're feeling confused. One of our professional nurserymen can help you find the right product and solution.

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